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RentoPay is one of the largest IT Equipments rental company in India. 
Our domain experts understand all types of business segments; from Corporate and Professional Services, to Events and Training, Legal Services, Government, Military, Contract Research, Education, Insurance, Banking, Software Development, and much more. We equip you to focus on what really matters your business!
We partner with you to provide the right business technology when & where you need it. Our quality is unparalleled within the industry and allows us to maintain customers for years to come

Why rent office productive and automation equipment?

# Renting has the benefit of being tax-deductible at 100%
# contrarily to an acquisition, a payment made towards a rental is tax-deductible.
# Renting affects your borrowing capacity less than an acquisition
# an acquisition requires significant outflows or a bank loan
# Renting allows you to limit the total cost depending on the length of use
# outflows can be limited to very short periods or for a particular project
# Renting from RentoPay includes support service, maintenance, and repairs at all times
# you can be assured that your product is always guaranteed.

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